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Firstly a little about myself. I retired from my full time job in the software industry in 2006. I run a small website development business and provide private Mathematics tuition close to my home.

Old English and producing the Old English Translator is one of my many hobbies.

To get in touch please email me at: phil@blueengine.co.uk

Please note, I am not a linguist and do not have an affinity with languages, my background is Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering and Software Engineering. This is one of the reasons that I have found this project so fascinating, attempting to turn grammar rules into structures in a computer program. People have sent me complex sentences to translate and although I would love to help the limits of my ability mean I usually have to decline.

I am always trying to improve the content of this web site so if you have any comments, suggestions or find any errors let me know.

Recent projects

Recently I have been working on:

A mathematical application that calculates milk yields for farmers taking calving predictions and other information as input. You can not take a look at this as the website is password protected.

Laundry chute fire certification

Into bicycles? Another hobby site...

Bicycle gear calculator calculate cadence, speed and power for different gear permutations.

And lastly, a shameless plug for my part time employment; only relevant to those within a 12 mile radius of where I live! Maths tuition in Wiltshire

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